Furries on Attack of the Show

Attack of the Show did a lighthearted yet interesting little segment on Furries. They give the fandom a big WTF but they also do a pretty good job debunking some of the myths associated with the Furry lifestyle.

Whatever your feelings on Furries, you have to admit the costumes are fantastic. I’ve never been to a Furry con, but I think it looks like fun!

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  1. Chajiko says:

    You know, I’d have an easier time believing that the furry community isn’t based around sexual fetishism if 99% of the art/writing/personal anecdotes I’ve seen online WEREN’T sexual in nature. Sure, I loved pretending to be an animal as a kid, and I might think this is fun now if it didn’t have such a huge stigma–a stigma which has been put in place, I must add, by the internet presence of furries, and strengthened by own personal encounters with people who choose this life-style.

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