Takako Iwasa’s Japanese Cat Costumes


Take a look at these Japanese cat costumes, designed by Takako Iwasa. Very extravagant costumes, and the cats look so dignified. Most of these outfits cost around $40.00, and you can buy them online. It will certainly help if you can read Japanese.

CAT PRIN — the tailor for a cat you know — it is — fact which will become dearer than former if a cat has clothes on. Don’t you doubt? “Although I want to dress with dress extravagant with my cat, doesn’t a cat dislike having” clothes on?

It is impossible that continue for time long to be sure, and you continue dressing a cat. But about [ to which you dress a cat and take a commemorative photo on special days, such as a birthday of a cat, ] is OK.







[via WeirdAsiaNews]

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3 Responses to Takako Iwasa’s Japanese Cat Costumes

  1. Chajiko says:

    The ONLY cats I know who would put up with this sort of thing are cats I met in Japan. I think it’s a trait that’s been selectively bred for. These costumes are REALLY adorable! I have to admit that they put me much in mind of Studio Ghibli’s cat from Mimi wo Sumaseba and The Cat Returns! (And wow, that Kinipkuniya sign makes me homesick)

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  3. Standartpedersen says:

    How dó i buy it?? I dont understand

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