Giant Muppet Band Costumes


What gorgeous costumes! These may be some of the best Muppet costumes I’ve ever seen. So amazing, wow.

I think this photo was taken at a DragonCon several years ago. I’ve got to hand it to the GreatWhiteSnark for finding this, he definitely has a knack for finding great costume photos.

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4 Responses to Giant Muppet Band Costumes

  1. Chajiko says:

    WOW, those costumes are very impressive. Some real love went into those! Also, that particular number by Dr. Teeth and crew is one of my favourites :3

  2. Brian Frey says:

    Thank you! Yup, that was us at 2004’s DragonCon. And I must say, of the 5 times we competed in that Masquerade over the years and the 5 times we won, the Muppets costuming was the biggest blast I’ve had at that convention! (That I’ve been attending since 1992!)

    There’s lots of making-of photos and video clips at our website, including the showing off / performance of the Electric Mayhem.

    I was doing a Search for an unrelated Dr. Teeth thing, and saw this very recent post and had to check it out. Now I have to look thru the rest of My Disguises!

  3. Jeff says:


  4. SHEILA says:

    where did you find those costumes?? must have them for work contest this year!!

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