ThatCostumeGirl Goes Back to the ’80s
March 10, 2010 blogroll


ThatCostumeGirl goes back to the ’80s! How cute. She put together a styling retro ensemble and made a fun dancing video.

Nice moves, TCG!

The clothing part went pretty well. I wore an old stretched pink sweater over a bright yellow graphic tee. I put on some lace edged black leggings and scrunch socks. I finished the look with green fingerless gloves. My Adidas are in my trunk because I forgot to get them out, oh well. For the makeup I smeared on some blue eyeshadow and pink lipgloss. Simple. The hair is sectioned with a couple of star shaped ponytail holders. Fun. Fun. Fun.

[via ThatCostumeGirl]

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  1. Love it! Maaaan, I miss the Eighties.

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