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Waitresses in Ninja Costumes

There’s an awesome restaurant in Taiwan that just opened, appropriately named Ninja. The waitresses wear ninja costumes, wield swords, and do tricks with fire.

The door to the restaurant is hidden behind a waterfall, and customers have to use a drawbridge to cross a moat before sitting at their table.

Doesn’t this sound awesome? Watch the video above for more info!


[via Reuters]

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Sexy Schoolgirl Dog Costume? Noooooo!


Hahahahaha…. sigh. *face palm*

WHAT?!! A sexy dog costume? LOL, this is so wrong. Leg Avenue, known for its lingerie and exotic wear, has a line of costumes as well.

This is a sexy schoolgirl costume for dogs! And that pose is sooo on purpose. Who are they trying to entice with that? This isn’t Doggy Fashion, it’s more like… Doggy Style.

And now I’m wondering what my dogs do when I’m away from home.





[via Leg Avenue]

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Dancing in Predator Costumes

Well, this is funny and bizarre.

I’m not entirely certain, but I believe this was shot during the filming of Predator 2. I wonder why they did this? LOL, maybe this was an extra on the DVD?

Here’s another video of an Alien and Predator running around in London. I think this was a commercial for AvsP 2: Requiem. Definitely cool costumes!

[Great White Snark and Superpunch]

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Anime Baby Cosplay Outfits


Awww, so adorable! Japanese company Bandai has announced a new line of anime and tokusatsu baby outfits!

There are 10 outfits total, scheduled for release at the end of this month. So cute!



Top left to right: Devilman, Dorami, Doraemon, Ultra Seven, Ultraman
Bottom left to right: Sun Goku, Shocker, Kamen Rider, Red and Pink ranger from Himitsu Sentai Goranger.


[Alafista via ToplessRobot]

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Olympic Crowd Costumes

Some winter sport spectators come up with creative ways to stay warm and show their support for their favourite athletes.

Check out some of these great outfits in Whistler and Vancouver at the 2010 Olympics.







I think it’s great that fans are showing their support in such flamboyant ways, but what’s up with Norway’s curling team’s pants?


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The Stig Costume at Top Gear Show


I received a wonderful email today from loyal MD reader and Hall of Fame member Courtney Coombs!

She’s a big fan of popular British car show Top Gear, and the famous “tame racing driver” known as The Stig. Recently, Top Gear performed a live show in Sydney, Australia. Courtney made a costume, and went to the show dressed as The Stig!

You really must read the full story on her blog. At one point during the show, the Top Gear crew pointed her out and the entire arena admired her costume as the cameras zoomed in on her.

How cool is that? What a cute costume, and very clever idea.

From her blog:

A little later there was a game where one half of the audience played against the other in a virtual car race. We were given green and red cars to control it. For the lap times wall the hosts had to pick a representative from the audience.
Jeremy chose me. It was all a bit of a blur, it was so surreal I couldn’t take it all in but I think it went like this:

He says “well I know who I’m choosing, because there is a person up there who’s dressed as The Stig.” I don’t even notice that the camera has panned onto me or that I have the attention of an entire arena. I just stand up and fold my arms in the slow, precise robotic way that The Stig does.

Before that, from Jeremy’s perspective he could probably only see my head. Then he realises I’m a girl and he says “Oh I’ve definitley got to get a photo”. And thus I am currently in Clarkson’s iPhone.

So all in all, I’d say it was one of the best days of my life. And remember, never underestimate the power of a costume.

Yes! NEVER underestimate the power of a costume!







Read the whole story on Courtney’s Blog!

Thanks for sending this in, Courtney. Congratulations on your costume achievement!

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Dapper Toppers: Blonde Swan Hats

One of the things I have had cause to mourn in my study of historic fashion and costume is the passing of The Hat as a basic necessity of wardrobe into cultural oblivion. 

Up until about the middle of the last century, hats were an absolute MUST in Western fashion.  No decent person went out without his or her hat, and a whole set of manners and customs were attached to the selection and wearing (and doffing) of all manner of hats, caps and toppers.

Despite my sorrow at the disintegration of the culture of headwear into basebal caps and upside-down visors, there IS one advantage: anyone who is caught actually wearing a singular sort of hat instantly attracts attention!  Nothing completes a costume or period outfit like the proper hat.  It’s the candle on the cake, the filling in the pie–the last, perfect touch that takes your creation from the adequate to the sublime.

The next question which must be asked, then, is where to obtain such a marvelous thing as a quality hat.  I would like to draw special attention to the Blonde Swan, a Hatter in Ohio who turns out the most superb hats I have ever had the pleasure to see.


The Tall Felt Topper and the Elizabethan Riding hat.  These are handsome enough photographed–in real life they are, simply put,  STUNNING.

Whether you’re in the market for something to complete your Steampunk, vampire, Renaissance, priate, fantasy or Victorian costume, they have something that fits the bill, and fits it to a tee!


The Gunslinger and the Bulls-Eye Beauty–Old West or Age of Steam?  Either way!

 So if you’re looking for a hat of magnificent quality and reasonable cost, there’s no place for you but  Go check them out–you won’t regret it!


The Broomrider and Deluxe Sassy Jackie.  The Broomrider is one of my personal favourites.  It’s perfectly smashing finish for a witch costume, but can also take any medievil costume from the historical to fantastic in an instant.  The Sassy Jackie is equally gorgeous, and can’t be beat for any sky or sea wandering pirette.

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Augmented Reality Dragon Tattoo

Take a look at this guy’s tattoo. It’s just a normal square, until he uses his special camera. Then a flying dragon appears!

I suppose this could be fun for webcam enthusiasts. With augmented reality starting to take off in a big way, I have to wonder… What will they think of next?

[via Geekologie]

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