Officially Licensed Serenity/Firefly Browncoat


What a gorgeous browncoat! This is an officially licensed Serenity/Firefly browncoat, made famous by none other than good ol’ Malcolm Reynolds.

This must be very high quality, as it carries a price tag of $319.99. That’s steep, but oh so worth it.

As worn by the dashing Captain Mal Reynolds of the good ship Serenity (played by Nathan Fillion), this replica suede coat is going to get you into (and out of) plenty of adventures! On the other hand, it’s such high quality that you may want to keep it safe and sound in your home collection. Officially licensed and available in a very limited run, this western-style duster features 100% real suede, fully-functional brass buckles, smooth leather cuffs, gunflaps at the sides, detailed stitching and a Serenity woven label. Order yours today!

Available at Entertainment Earth.



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  1. John says:

    This coat has an extra horizontal seam which the original seems to lack. Also, it is a bit more yellow.

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