Come for the Iron Man 2 Costumes, Stay for the Facial Hair

Can you imagine owning Tony Stark’s facial hair? It sounds impossible, but Costume Craze insists it’s true.

Yes, these are the new licensed Iron Man 2 costumes! Well, except for the big guy himself. Costume Craze won’t release photos of the Mark 6 Iron Man costume until March 1st. But we do get to see his helmet and facial hair.


From Costume Craze:

Shown below is Whiplash, War Machine, Ironette, Black Widow… Please note that these are some, but not all, of the new Iron Man costumes. We will release photos of the Mark 6 costume on March 1st!

Here’s the rest of the gang:



I think these look fun. Although, Whiplash needs to get new whips, and maybe lose the sweatpants?

As for Ironette — If I hadn’t seen an article on earlier today, I would be scratching my head over that costume. Ironette is part of the gang?

Check out this concept art of Tony Stark’s “backup dancers.”


[via Costume Craze]

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2 Responses to Come for the Iron Man 2 Costumes, Stay for the Facial Hair

  1. Chajiko says:

    As much as I hate to admit it (I really hate the whole female superhero costume=minidress thing), the Ironette costume is actually understandable–and provides way more coverage than the original design.

  2. MajorSpaceship says:

    WTF with that mustache?

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