Funny Dark Knight Set Photo


I saw the above photo getting passed around heavily on Twitter yesterday. Very cool! It was humorously touted as a photo taken on set during the filming of The Dark Knight.

Pretty funny! Someone Photoshopped the skateboard into the real photo, shown below. Too bad, I like the thought of Joker jumping over Batman with his skateboard.


[via Simps]

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2 Responses to Funny Dark Knight Set Photo

  1. Pakhill Rojan says:

    I am Pakhill. I don’t understand the humor. Why is a funny looking man jumping over another man in a silly body dress? One more picture is the same man doing a jump with a wheeled board. Strange Americans.

  2. Pakhill Rojan says:

    Sorry, I just realized my mistake. This is your Bat Man and your The Joker. I am confused and sorry. Ha ha.

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