Sexy Schoolgirl Dog Costume? Noooooo!


Hahahahaha…. sigh. *face palm*

WHAT?!! A sexy dog costume? LOL, this is so wrong. Leg Avenue, known for its lingerie and exotic wear, has a line of costumes as well.

This is a sexy schoolgirl costume for dogs! And that pose is sooo on purpose. Who are they trying to entice with that? This isn’t Doggy Fashion, it’s more like… Doggy Style.

And now I’m wondering what my dogs do when I’m away from home.





[via Leg Avenue]

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2 Responses to Sexy Schoolgirl Dog Costume? Noooooo!

  1. Chajiko says:

    That’s it, the whole “sexy” costume thing has gone TOO FAR this time >_>
    *Adds her own facepalm to the pile*

  2. sexy dogs are cool says:

    Wow its been 5 years and still nobody cares about your comment. I’ll dislike it so you feel special

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