Anime Baby Cosplay Outfits


Awww, so adorable! Japanese company Bandai has announced a new line of anime and tokusatsu baby outfits!

There are 10 outfits total, scheduled for release at the end of this month. So cute!



Top left to right: Devilman, Dorami, Doraemon, Ultra Seven, Ultraman
Bottom left to right: Sun Goku, Shocker, Kamen Rider, Red and Pink ranger from Himitsu Sentai Goranger.


[Alafista via ToplessRobot]

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4 Responses to Anime Baby Cosplay Outfits

  1. Chajiko says:

    Wow–we’re starting ’em earlier and earlier, aren’t we? Maybe we’ll finally see things like Moogle and Chocobo baby costumes soon too!

  2. michelle lim says:

    where is this located? interested buyer

  3. Krissy Whaley says:

    also interested…would also like to know how much they cost!

  4. where can i get it? how much does it cost? interested buyer…pls contact me at

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