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Clown vs. Mime Epic Fight

Ah, the age old battle between clowns and mimes. I’ve never understand why they hate each other, but it feels right.

This video is edited and shot rather well, and it’s awesome when the street magician shows up at the end.

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Cub Scout Midgets do the Cha Cha Slide

I never know what to expect when I go searching Youtube for costume videos.

Here’s a group of scouts dancing to the Cha Cha Slide in homemade costumes. It’s pretty funny at about 1:05 when one of the kids gets stuck behind the curtain.

Looks like they had a lot of fun with this!

A group of eight Webelos Scouts don specially made costumes and dance to the Cha Cha Slide at their annual Blue & Gold banquet. The boys made their costumes during den meetings over their Webelos II year. They used white pillowcases, appropriately decorated, as the heads, and their dad’s oversized long-sleeved-newspaper-stuffed shirts and a big pair of shorts. We had to pin their clothes on so they wouldn’t fall off during the routine.


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Officially Licensed Serenity/Firefly Browncoat


What a gorgeous browncoat! This is an officially licensed Serenity/Firefly browncoat, made famous by none other than good ol’ Malcolm Reynolds.

This must be very high quality, as it carries a price tag of $319.99. That’s steep, but oh so worth it.

As worn by the dashing Captain Mal Reynolds of the good ship Serenity (played by Nathan Fillion), this replica suede coat is going to get you into (and out of) plenty of adventures! On the other hand, it’s such high quality that you may want to keep it safe and sound in your home collection. Officially licensed and available in a very limited run, this western-style duster features 100% real suede, fully-functional brass buckles, smooth leather cuffs, gunflaps at the sides, detailed stitching and a Serenity woven label. Order yours today!

Available at Entertainment Earth.



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Olympic Fans Cheering in Costumes


Here’s a fun look at enthusiastic Olympic fans, sporting a variety of costumes, crazy hats and spirited face paint!

If I had to pick, I’d say my favorite in this bunch are the knights from the UK. Awesome.

[via Funtasticus]


Lovely French Cosplay


Here’s a few excellent cosplay photos from the recent Sci-Fi Convention 2010 in France. Check out Alarzy’s Flickr page to view them all.

These are great!





[Alarzy via i09]


Come for the Iron Man 2 Costumes, Stay for the Facial Hair

Can you imagine owning Tony Stark’s facial hair? It sounds impossible, but Costume Craze insists it’s true.

Yes, these are the new licensed Iron Man 2 costumes! Well, except for the big guy himself. Costume Craze won’t release photos of the Mark 6 Iron Man costume until March 1st. But we do get to see his helmet and facial hair.


From Costume Craze:

Shown below is Whiplash, War Machine, Ironette, Black Widow… Please note that these are some, but not all, of the new Iron Man costumes. We will release photos of the Mark 6 costume on March 1st!

Here’s the rest of the gang:



I think these look fun. Although, Whiplash needs to get new whips, and maybe lose the sweatpants?

As for Ironette — If I hadn’t seen an article on earlier today, I would be scratching my head over that costume. Ironette is part of the gang?

Check out this concept art of Tony Stark’s “backup dancers.”


[via Costume Craze]


Funny Dark Knight Set Photo


I saw the above photo getting passed around heavily on Twitter yesterday. Very cool! It was humorously touted as a photo taken on set during the filming of The Dark Knight.

Pretty funny! Someone Photoshopped the skateboard into the real photo, shown below. Too bad, I like the thought of Joker jumping over Batman with his skateboard.


[via Simps]


Jewish Wolverine Costume


It’s Jewish Wolverine! LOL, this is awesome. I love the menorah claws, that’s brilliant.

Just in time for Purim this weekend. I hope all of my Jewish friends have a great holiday with lots of fun costuming!

[via GreatWhiteSnark]

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