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Funny Spider-Man Costume Photos


Spider-Man sure ends up in the craziest of places!

Thanks to Geek Orthodox, here’s a collection of random Spider-Man sightings. LOL, these pictures are awesome!






[via Geek Orthodox]

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New Sexy Halloween Costumes

Costume Craze has been on fire lately, releasing lots of pictures of new costumes for Halloween 2010.

It’s funny how anything can be made into a sexy costume. Wolverine? Transformers? Cobra Commander? Ninja Turtles? Yes, they are all sexy, didn’t you know?

Sexy Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Costume


Sexy Optimus Prime and Bumblee Costumes


Sexy G.I. Joe Cobra Commander Costume


Sexy Wolverine Costumes

[via Costume Craze]

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Costume Workout at the Jedi Gym

Grab your Star Wars costume and head to the Jedi Gym!

LOL, this video has been out for a while now, but I hadn’t seen it until recently. This is so great! Looks like they’re poking fun at Master Flynn, the founder of the New York Jedi club.

Be sure to watch the whole video, you don’t want to miss the ending!

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Officially Licensed Prince of Persia Costumes

Costume Craze has released the first look the official costumes for Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time.

prince-of-persia-prince-dastan-costume-5 prince-of-persia-hassassin-costume


What do you think? These look pretty cool to me. Head on over to Costume Craze to view all the Prince of Persia costumes.

I’m looking forward to this movie!

[via Costume Craze]

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Star Trek Convention Photos


Last weekend, San Francisco hosted the big Star Trek Convention. Scores of Vulcans, Klingons and other aliens beamed into town with some great costumes!

The SF Weekly has several great photos, including a slideshow entitled, Trek Chicks Rock. Very, very cool!

Head on over to SF Weekly to view all the photos, including an amazing shot of William Shatner bowing down to Sir Patrick Stewart!





[via SF Weekly]

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Avatar Make-up in Ten Seconds

Can you put on make-up as fast as this guy?

LOL, this video is pretty funny. Thanks to gina for the tip!

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Awesome KISS Costumes


Take a look at these incredible KISS costumes, custom made by Barry over at Rock Bottom Costumes.

This is the real deal, I’m so impressed! You can tell these costumes are made with real care and obvious devotion for the KISS fandom.

The website is admittedly a bit rough, and you can’t purchase costumes directly online — but Barry provides full contact information on his site and it looks like he has plenty of happy customers! Great work!

[via Rock Bottom Costumes]

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Homemade Fairy Costume


What a great homemade fairy costume! This costume was posted by Firepixie in the FaerieFashion community on Live Journal.

She made this out of various fabric in her “fabric closet” and I think this is top notch work. Great job!

I love that all I actually bought for this costume was the tulle for the underskirt. Everything else was already in my fabric closet (and yay, now there’s more space in there, hooray for using up old stuff!)

I sewed bells on the points from the top, and cut / tore the tulle layers to make a really flowy woodsy look. I glued on little flowers all over the skirt on different layers, and added the flowers and jewels on the top and the back, put some ribbons and gold rope here and there and the whole effect is really textured and interesting.


It’s important to note that she got the gorgeous wings from The Fancy Fairy, who arguably makes the best fairy wings on the Web. Definitely a site worth checking out!


[via FaerieFashion]

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