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Spock Sings About his Pain

Heh, I just love these fan-made musical videos, and this one is just downright silly. Spock is in pain, and it’s pretty awewsome.

[via ToplessRobot]

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Want General Zod’s Costume from Superman 2?


The General Zod costume worn by Terence Stamp in Superman 2 is up for sale on Ebay… for $15,000! This has been listed for a few days now, and so far there are zero bids.

Will anyone step up and buy this? I’m guessing there a few rich Superman fanatics who will try to swoop in and get this costume before the auction ends in two days.

1) Complete with full black long sleeve suit with mesh and vinyl and leather ribbon and piping and velcro closures on cuffs and back etc. This authentic suit also has the original “Berman and Nathans” label which reads”Terence Stamp 15155 Superman II”,

2) The famous “knee high” General Zod flying boots which have a very subtle and unique pearlescent, metal flake type Burgandy tint which shows up when light refracts off of the boots when lit up from certain angles. These particular boots are the most desirable by far because of this tint and the fact that this pair zips up in the back as intended instead of the less desirable front zippers which were designed to make the boots look seamless in the back in certain flying shots. Inside each boot reads,”Stamp” something, the second word isn’t clear.

3) And to think that this also includes the “ZOD WIG” which was worn by Terence Stamp during his incredible portrayal of the ‘villain in black that we love so dearly. Note too that the wig also has the famous sideburns also weaved in to the amazing hairpiece which is in really well preserved condition as wig was very well made. Wig also has velcro attached for secure placement to the scalp of Terence Stamp. Notice auction tag and estimated value from over a decade ago.


[Ebay via ComicsAlliance]

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Funny Clown Commercial

I wouldn’t normally post a Walmart commerical, but I must admit this is pretty funny. It’s not easy being a clown.

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Cute New Thor Costume


I really like the looks of this new Thor costume! Costume Craze has been posting lots of new costume photos, and this one in particular caught my eye. LOL, I love the expression on the kid’s face.

This is officially licensed from Marvel, and I think they did a bang up job for a commercial costume, all things considered.

Straight out of Asgard, Marvel brings us this awesome kids Thor costume! Isn’t he adorable? This is a brand new costume for 2010, and we’ll have it available for pre-order very soon!

[via Costume Craze]

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Green Lantern Movie Costume Designs


Photos of Green Lantern movie concept art have been released, and it looks fabulous! I think we’re looking at the characters Abin Sur, Tomar-Re and Kilowog.

This is amazing artwork. The Green Lantern movie looks like it’s really coming together, I can’t wait!




[via io9]

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Star Trek Costume Designer Nominated for Award


TrekMovie is reporting that Michael Kaplan has been nominated by the Costume Designers Guild for his costume work on the Star Trek movie. Very cool!

Here are a few of his designs. Head on over to TrekMovie for more information and pictures of Michael Kaplan’s awesome costumes!







[via TrekMovie]

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Pizza Delivery Costume Surprise

Costume prankster Remi Gaillard is at it again – this time with a funny surprise for the pizza delivery guy.

LOL, wow! What a crazy and funny idea, and the TMNT costumes are great.

How did they gather so many pizza boxes? Incredible. Kind of mean, but certainly amazing.

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Super Adorable Link Costume


Aww, it’s Link from the Legend of Zelda. What a super adorable costume!

This is definitely one of the cutest Link costumes that I’ve ever seen. Nice details on the shield, too.

[via Great White Snark]

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