Crazy Iron Man Chest Tattoo


Woah, check out this crazy Iron Man tattoo, complete with arc reactor and artistic wires. You can click on the photo to view in full size.

Someone must really be an Iron Man fan! Hopefully he’s a fan of frequent chest hair waxing as well. 😉


[via GreatWhiteSnark]

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4 Responses to Crazy Iron Man Chest Tattoo

  1. Jd Webb says:

    This was interesting.

  2. Tombowdengraham says:

    that is the worst tattoo ive ever seen! it looks like it was drawn on in crayon by an 8 year old. FAIL…

  3. Jcsmith2129 says:

    Agreed. And considering I am thinking of getting the Arc Reactor on me, I can say this is terrible. I plan to get mine looking like the triangular style from Iron Man 2. ._. Woth glow in the dark ink for lighting.

  4. RY33 says:

    A) Ask to see the tattoo artist’s portfolio BEFORE getting the work done. B) Pull reference! This looks very little like the arc reactor. It looks like a bug. C) Geometric shapes are hard to do on paper. I can only imagine how tough they must be on a someone’s chest.

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