Bring Back the Cloak!


What a totally awesome photo. Can we please make the cloak popular again? A cloak like this looks so classy, suitable for both men and women.

It does have a vague Jedi/Lord of the Rings look to it, but it’s a great look for everyone – I really want one!

A woman wears a cloak as she walks through the first snow to hit London this winter….

[via Jezebel]

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9 Responses to Bring Back the Cloak!

  1. Kellin says:

    No thanks, I’ve seen enough teens with Twilight t-shrits and crushed velvet capes from Hot Topic lately.

  2. Hells yes I would wear my Asajj Ventress cape whenever.

  3. Dubious says:

    Twilight and TV aside I would love to see the cloak brought back. It is such a beautiful piece of clothing and very practical. Can’t believe it hasn’t made a comeback.

  4. joe says:

    it hasn’t made a comeback for two reasons I see.
    1) people ask far too much money for something that is so easily made
    2) same reason why amine is considered childish. The only people you see using it are crazy people 😛

    We get more people like this wearing them, and it will have its day again : D

  5. Arsenul Rlsh says:

    How much do you want for that outfit right there?

  6. Arsenul Rlsh says:

    Seriously I need this outfit now. It’s not something I want, it’s something I need.

  7. Sss says:

    I would love to see the cloak make a comeback!
    It’s not expensive if you make it yourself 🙂

  8. Obviously says:

    Ah, it does not have to associate with Twilight or anime. You people are just too stupid to realize that cloaks were not invented when Twilight came out (or anime)..idjits..I am not a fan of twilight either (or anime), but If you even had half a brain, you might realize that cloaks were first majorly involved with movies in LORD OF THE RINGS. Duh. You people are SO STUPID…I would love a Legolas’s.

  9. Cloak-lover says:

    Crazy people?! Really?!? Cloaks are great!

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