Russell Costume – The Kid from “Up”

Russell Costume Up Movie

Great costume! It’s Russell, the kid from Up.

I just stumbled onto to this photo on Twitter. So awesome, he looks just like him.


[via BryanReed]

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3 Responses to Russell Costume – The Kid from “Up”

  1. That’s so cute. I love when cosplayers not only get the costume exact but they look the part too.

  2. Enesirhc says:

    i iknw ths kid her mom is from citibank libis she’s a co-employee of my husband

  3. Daniel and Claudia says:

    My wife has been looking for a Russell child! She loved this photo. Why in the world there has never been a Russell doll is utterly beyond me. We just don’t get it. And we would get it if they made them. Maybe their marketing samples were only for kids. Adults are the ones who want them!

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