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No More Cookies


Behold the mighty Cookie Monster Slayer! Looks like someone is done eating cookies, lol.

So weird and cool. I love it!

Thanks to Angela for the tip.

[via Buzzfeed]

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Star Trek Wet Suits

Star Trek Wetsuits

We all know the final frontier really isn’t space – it’s the ocean! Now you can explore new civilizations with these authentic Star Trek wetsuits from

This ties in nicely to the video below. Check out this radio controlled underwater Enterprise! It actually does look like it’s floating through space. Very cool!

[via Geekologie]

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Very Strange Gremlins Skirt


Just think about all the things you can buy for $2,000. Would this Gremlin skirt make the list? Seriously?

LOL, this Gizmo the Gremlin skirt sells for $2,100 on Alex & Chloe. It includes ear-pockets and swarovski crystal for the Gremlin’s eyes. Wow, this is just insane! And I’ll be honest, it’s probably the ugliest skirt I’ve ever seen.





[Alex & Chloe via io9]

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Illustrations of Star Trek Costumes Over Time


Take a look at these awesome illustrations that show how Star Trek costumes have evolved over time. These were drawn by Doug Drexler, an award winning make-up artist, designer, illustrator and writer who’s been involved in the Star Trek universe since the 1970’s.

Be sure to click on these images to full view size, you don’t want to miss out on the details.




Very cool! I think it’s awesome that Doug takes the time for fans to post his amazing artwork on his blog.

Here’s a screencap of Doug Drexler in an episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation. He got to play an Enterprise-D officer – how cool is that?


[via Doug Drexler]

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Crazy Iron Man Chest Tattoo


Woah, check out this crazy Iron Man tattoo, complete with arc reactor and artistic wires. You can click on the photo to view in full size.

Someone must really be an Iron Man fan! Hopefully he’s a fan of frequent chest hair waxing as well. 😉


[via GreatWhiteSnark]

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Old Photos of Kids in Superhero Costumes


Yes, your mom has old photos of you in your Superman or Wonder Woman Underoos. And so does GrowingUpHeroes, a photo blog dedicated to kids superhero costumes!

Ah, this brings back memories. I totally ran around as a pantless Batman back in my day. Good times.







[via GrowingUpHeroes]

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Robin Knows What is Holy

Hah, this video is awesome! This is a compilation of all the Holy Exclamations that Robin says on the classic Batman TV show. LOL, how did the writers come up with all of this? Hilarious!

[via TheDailyWhat]

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The A-Team, Star Wars Style

If you have a problem, if no one else can help, and if need a fast ship — Maybe you can hire… the A-Team.


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