Magical Zoltar Costume

Magical Zoltar Costume

Remember the Zoltar machine from the Tom Hanks movie, Big? This costume looks just like it!

Jonathan, the creator of this extravagent costume, sent me some great photos and video of this costume. This was a complete DIY project that he admittedly “went all out” on. No kidding! This is amazing.

Not only did he make this incredible costume, but he mounted it on a Segway scooter so it moves and follows people!

You can learn more about this costume on his website,, where Jonathan has posted a nice gallery of photos and videos.

Here are a couple of Zoltar Assembly videos, along with the original trailer for Big. Great work, Jonathan! Thanks for sending this in!

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  1. Allison says:

    I’m so glad this costume won the prize for best slideshow in the instructbales contest. SO awesome.

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