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Assassin’s Creed Live Action Short Movie

The lovely and talented Courtney Coombs sent me a great tip about this new live action Assassin’s Creed short movie.

This was made by Ubisoft as part of a viral marketing campaign for Assassin’s Creed 2. Part One is 15 minutes long, and we should expect Part Two to show up on Youtube very soon.

So cool! Here’s what Courtney has to say about the costumes in this movie:

The part that stands out the most are the costumes, gorgeous choices of fabrics, authentic styles, although with the HD it’s clear that it’s machine sewn. But that’s just me being scrutinous.

Well put, Courtney. You have a great eye, I don’t think I would have noticed the machine sewing. This is awesome. Now I want to see this turned into a full blown theatrical movie. Thanks for sending this in!

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Awesome Headless Horseman Dog Costume

Headless Horseman Dog Costume

Awesome costume! Ladies and Gentlemen, I think we have a winner. What a great idea!

Also, that dog is so patient, what a great sport. And do you notice the tiny hooves on his feet? Wow, such amazing detail.

Fantastic job!

[via Great White Snark]

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Rocking Halloween Costume Video

Turn up your speakers and rock out to this Halloween costume video, put together by Hot Topic. The song is Deadly Weapons by the band Eyes Set to Kill.

Lots of great costumes, from superheroes to vampires, and more!

Thanks to Bonniegrrl for the tip. Apparently her friend is in the video dressed as Batgirl. Awesome!

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The Guild – Special Halloween Episode


Popular gamer web series The Guild has a new episode up on MSN. It’s a special Halloween episode where the gang gets to do real life “looting,” otherwise known as Trick or Treating.

It’s a fun episode. I like how Tinkerballa just runs around creating mischief, and simply says, “Trick” when the people open their door.

You can watch the video on, or you can download the episode using your Xbox Live account.



Photos by Brian Kameoka, courtesy Knights of Good Productions


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Vampire Reunion!

This video is fantastic! College Humor brings us a fun vampire reunion, filled with familiar faces from all sorts of TV shows and movies.

I love how the different vampire mythology clashes – do vampires burn in sunlight, or sparkle? LOL. And the ending with the group of slayers is a great finishing touch. Well done!

[via College Humor]

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Malcolm Reynolds Appears on Castle

The Halloween episode of Castle is now online, and I just love the Firefly references! Nathan Fillion wears his costume from Firefly, in which he played Capt. Malcolm Reynolds.

His daughter tells him, “There are no cows in space. Didn’t you wear that five years ago?”

LOL! I love it. Yes, Firefly aired five years ago. And at the time, FOX executives had trouble with the concept of a space western, telling creator Joss Whedon, “There are no horses in space.”

What a fun episode!

If you don’t have time to watch the full episode, at least watch the above clip, it’s so funny.

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Down Hips Belly Dancers

Check out the fine costumes of these Down Hips Belly Dancers.

The two videos below show the skilled Down Hips dancers performing tribal fusion in cavewoman costumes, as well as a medieval pirates number.

The Down Hips dance studio is located in Canada and they welcome women of “all ages, shapes and sizes.” Not only do they teach belly dancing, but they also offer martial arts classes for self defense. Very cool!

[via Down Hips]

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Batman Vanishing

LOL, College Humor does it again with another funny Batman parody.

How many times has this happened to you? You’re talking to Batman, you look away for a brief second – and when you turn back he’s gone! How does Batman vanish so quickly? I guess now we know.

[via College Humor]

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