Robot Hoax: That’s a Costume

This giant robot was on display recently at the 2009 Gitex Technology Week in Dubai. People were captivated by the amazing technology as the robot walked, danced and sang to spectators.

Just one thing worth pointing out – this is a very clever costume, and not a real robot. It’s still very cool though! The wearer of the costume can see out through the mirrored chest piece, which just happens to be at eye level.

I’m glad the robot isn’t real. We still have some time before evil Terminator robots take over the world. What a relief!

[via Geekologie]

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One Response to Robot Hoax: That’s a Costume

  1. They made it say some weird things. But that’s a pretty impressive costume, great design. I’d put it up there with the Stan Winston Iron Man suit.

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