The Vampires of Sherwood Forest
October 16, 2009 discussion

sherwood horror

When I was a kid, I thought it would be cool to visit Sherwood Forest in hopes of running in to Robin Hood and his Merry Men. It never dawned on me that the legendary forest might harbor a more sinister company of thieves…blood thieves.

No, my imagination hasn’t gone off kilter (again). I just stumbled on to some news that a modern re-imagining of Robin Hood, with a horror twist, is in the works.

“Sherwood Horror” will follow ex-con Rob Locksley home, after a six year absence, only to discover that his town is under the rule of an evil sheriff and his horde of bloodsuckers. Locksley will have to join forces with his old roughneck hunting buddies to rid the town of the sheriff and his vampire minions.

Hmmm, a modern day Robin Hood southern gothic horror adventure? Could be interesting…what do you think?

Hopefully, it won’t totally suck.

[via Dread Central]

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