Poor Baby: Weird Child Costumes

Man, I feel sorry for babies and small children. They are subject to the evil whims of their parents who seek a good guffaw at their expense through the age old trick of dressing them in weird costumes.

Then, years later, when the child is old enough to understand the pangs of embarrassment, said evil parents get out the scrapbook and proceed to regale the unfortunate child’s first date with “Baby’s first Holiday” stories and pictures.

Just look at what some parents are willing to do their kids for the sake of a good laugh and a lame scrapbook:

Well, this is the first time I’ve seen a chicken/Alien costume. The funny thing is, the poor little kid actually looks terrified.

chicken alien baby


So, where does the stuffing go?

turkey baby


A truly frightening Halloween costume. Gee, I wonder who runs his family?

baby hitler


I never did like Luke Skywalker. As far as I’m concerned, he’s right where he belongs, inside a rotting carcus sleeping bag.

rotting carcas


Sushi’s not just for Chinese Buffets anymore. Apparently it’s now a very coveted child costume:



There’s something freakishly weird about how this Nacho Libre toddler actually looks like a grown man:

tiny mexican wrestler

[via Huffington Post…except little Hitler]

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One Response to Poor Baby: Weird Child Costumes

  1. Cherie says:

    As a mom of a toddler and a sci-fi geek, how could you NOT put your young infant/child in a unique/funny costume (well to you funny) since the days of store bought crap are soon to come?

    My daughter’s first costume was an Alien Chest Burster which she will in the future probably roll her eyes at the picture, but she also had a cute fairy princess that year as well.

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