Zombie Harry Potter Cosplay!

Zombie Harry Potter Cosplay

I was so excited to receive another email from Jonathon Rosenhal, the head organizer of The Group That Shall Not Be Named. They are one of the top Harry Potter groups in the country. You may remember the incredible Harry Potter cosplay photos we posted a few weeks ago.

The Harry Potter gang is at it again, this time bringing their special magic to last Friday’s Zombie Crawl in New York City.

Muggle Zombie! Zombie Creevy! Zombie Tonks! Zombie Hedwig! If you’re dying to view all the photos, crawl on over to the Zombie Harry Potter Gallery on Flickr. Also be sure to check out all the NYC Zombie Crawl pics HERE.

Zombie Harry PotterZombie Harry Potter Cosplay

A special thanks again to Jonathon Rosenhal for contacting me. We’re all looking forward to your next event!

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