China’s Munchkinland

Chinese Dwarves

There are two things I remember most about the Wizard of Oz…the scary-as-crap flying monkeys and the odd little people called Munchkins. As a child I didn’t realize Munchkins were real people. But now I have proof…they just happen to live in a village in China.

Seriously, folks, a group of dwarves in southern China have built their own community to escape discrimination from us “normal” sized people.

The 120 residents of the mountain village, located in Kunming, cannot exceed the maximum height of 4ft 3 inches tall and they have their own police force and fire-fighting brigade run by community members.

But the most interesting thing here is…these little people have turned their community into a tourist attraction, building mushroom-shaped houses and living and dressing as fairy tale characters.

Holy Lollipop Guild! Can you say Munchkinland? No, really, check out this video of the Wizard of Oz Munchkins and take special note of the mushroom-shaped houses in the background.

This story makes me wonder about something…if you could build your own freakin’ village, what would it be like? Who would you exclude from your community? I fancy I’d live in a world that resembles LOTR’s Rivendell (below), where reading, taking naps and eating dessert are the most popular pass times and ALL decent folk are welcome…even Munchkins.



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