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Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!


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Making a Zombie: Time Lapse Video

Watch this girl turn into a scary zombie! This awesome video uses a time lapse effect so show her complete transformation in 45 seconds.

Very cool! She looks great.

If you want to turn someone into a disgusting zombie, follow these steps:

1) Apply prosaide to the inside of zombie skin prosthetic

2) Apply prosthetic to face and flatten the fake zombie skin

3) Apply white cream makeup with brush

4) layer different cream makeup colors on top of each other to create bloody wounds

5) Darken eyes with red/black eye shadow and cream makeup

6) Apply fake blood

7) Go Out and Scare People!


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ThatCostumeGirl is an Easy Zombie!

ThatCostumeGirl is a Zombie

ThatCostumeGirl is a ZombieThatCostumeGirl is a Zombie

Don’t you just love Halloween? Check out ThatCostumeGirl as a zombie! So disgusting, yet somehow she still looks really hot.

She explains on her blog how to make an easy zombie face. She achieved this zombie look using regular household items like eyeshadow, chewing gum and toilet paper. Very impressive!

ThatCostumeGirl also offers several last minute costume ideas for us Halloween procrastinators. So head over to her blog for helpful tips and tricks. There’s still time for you to come up with a costume!

[via ThatCostumeGirl]

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Adorable David Bowie Labyrinth Costume

David Bowie Labyrinth Goblin King Costume

What a great Halloween costume! This adorable 4-year-old is dressed as Jareth the Goblin King, played by David Bowie in the movie Labyrinth.

He’s got the hair down pat. Sigh, the 80’s were so much fun.


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Robot Hoax: That’s a Costume

This giant robot was on display recently at the 2009 Gitex Technology Week in Dubai. People were captivated by the amazing technology as the robot walked, danced and sang to spectators.

Just one thing worth pointing out – this is a very clever costume, and not a real robot. It’s still very cool though! The wearer of the costume can see out through the mirrored chest piece, which just happens to be at eye level.

I’m glad the robot isn’t real. We still have some time before evil Terminator robots take over the world. What a relief!

[via Geekologie]

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Trick or Treat or Die! Halloween Rap

This Halloween rap video is awesome! This was made by the guys behind The Key of Awesome. They have a new series where they’re doing 10 funny music videos in 10 weeks.

This is funny video #2. I was contacted by Ben Relles, who runs the site. I’m very grateful for the heads up, this is just great.

Halloween is here at last. YES!

Oh, if you’re interested in The Key of Awesome’s first video, here it is. A tribute to all the people who love watching kittens on the Internet. Funny stuff!

Thanks for the email, Ben. Can’t wait to see the rest of your funny music videos!

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Happiness Hat Tortures Sad People

This hat is crazy! A hidden sensor measures your face, and if you’re not smiling, a sharp spike stabs you in the back of the head!

This hat was created by Lauren McCarthy, the “first in a series of Tools for Improved Social Inter-Acting.”

A wearable conditioning device that detects if you’re smiling and provides pain feedback if you’re not. Frowning creates intense pain but a full smile leaves you pain free!

An enclosed bend sensor attaches to the cheek and measures smile size, a servo motor moves a metal spike into the head inversely proportional to the degree of smile. Through repeated use of this conditioning device you can train your brain to smile all the time. The device runs on Arduino.

A smile is a simple action that has the power to make you and everyone around you feel better. Just using the muscles to smile can make you feel happier. Seeing someone else smiling triggers mirror neurons in your own brain, causing you to unconsciously smile yourself.




You know, it’s common knowledge that by forcing yourself to smile, you actually end up feeling happier. But LOL, can you imagine being tortured by this thing?

If I wore this hat, I’d be smiling all the time – even if you told me very bad news. Come to think of it, plastic surgery can accomplish this exact result as well. Just ask the Middleman.

[Lauren McCarthy via Geekologie]

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Singing Dummies are Brilliant

Wow, this really made my day. What a fine looking choir! The humans are wearing classy yellow robes, and the dummies are all in green. So funny! What a great idea.

This video isn’t all that new, but this is the first time I’ve heard of the VentriloChoir. I can’t stop laughing, this is great.

Thanks to Bonniegrrl for the tip!

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