Prince of Persia Costumes


You’ve probably seen the movie poster for Disney’s adaptation of the “Prince of Persia: Sands of Time”, so you know you’ll have to wait until May of 2010 to see the action adventure film.

In the meantime, enjoy this impressive display of Dastan and Tamina’s movie character costumes, set up at the D23 Expo.



I’m really digging Dastan’s warrior garb and feel strongly that my husband should have it. Oh crap…now I have to wait for the movie, AND the costumes! Why do I tease myself like this?

[via Screen Crave]

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3 Responses to Prince of Persia Costumes

  1. daniel says:

    can i buy the left one? and if you sell it for how much? pleas let me know 🙂

  2. Ricardo Suarez says:

    where can i find the same exact costume and im talkin about the left one??

  3. adjoide says:

    Hi everybody!
    Well , I look for a website that send The Dastan costume , on prince of persia , a few month ago.Please can somebody help me because We’are trainning from this moment ; We’re prepare à show … So I really want It ^^
    Thank you wery much

    NB : sorry for my bad english , I’m from France

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