Lego Star Wars Boba Fett Costume

What an awesome Lego Boba Fett costume! That’s one lucky kid.

[via Gizmodo]

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  1. Dana says:

    How cool. Do you have directions on how to make this?

  2. pablo says:

    i can totally see a daft punk version

  3. Sarah says:

    Cool, my son, a big star wars lego fan, wants to be this. How did you make the helmet and the legs?Sara

  4. Brad Methvin says:


    I made this and a larger Jango version in the past 3 months.
    If you look at the side by side picture, I used Styrofoam purchased at Home Depot.

    To Get the proportions correct, I measured the Original Minifigure at 40mm. My son is actually 40 inches tall with helmet on! Just convert all measurements to inches and do the math if your kid is smaller or taller as I did for Jango (50″ tall).


    Helmet is made of stacked rings cut with a jigsaw, glued together. (use 2″ styrofoam) After it is dried, get an electric sander and smooth, shape. (use coarse, then finer)
    After you have the helmet done, you need to order Aqua Resin. You cannot paint styrofoam or it will melt and ruin your work, so I found Aqua Resin to be great. I has no odor (you can do it inside) and does not eat up the styrofoam as regular fiberglass resin does. (order “S3” Powder and “L” Liquid ) call them ( about how much to order, they are very helpful. I recommend you make 2 batches because it dries fast. Do the helmet first. Get a brush that won’t leave little grooves or ‘furrows’ because it will be hard to sand away. Make sure you coat both helmet and jetpack with many layers as you will have to sand some off and don’t want to expose the styrofoam. I also recommend you order some light fibreglass cloth to reinforce the bottom connections of the feet/legs , the belt piece and the rectangle his head will poke through with Aqua-Resin. Sand until smooth, the helment….after that, prime and paint. Go to craft store for balls and cones on backpack to get perfect look with the jet pack. Good ole Elmer’s carpenter glue works fine for gluing styrofoam together.

    I used the 2′ on both sides of the Jango costume (see pic IMG_0362 on Flickr) and cut out holes so Crocs fit snug (they actually walk with the Crocs). Notice that the inside pieces obviously have to be cut for the crotch. I got some fabric from Joanne’s and sewed the legs (IMG_0414) with extra fabric going up to safety pin to a pair of pants. After properly fit, all they have to do is slip on the pants connected to the legs after that. As I mentioned earlier, I learned on the smaller one so on the larger one, reinforced the bottom of feet/legs with overlap going up each side with fiberglass cloth and resin.

    I just bought 1/2′ foam rubber and wrapped it around their arms and made sleeves with overlap that are safety pinned inside. Claws are layers of styrofoam cut and wrapped in duct tape. (one style hides hands completely and other has hole for hands to be inside the ‘claw”.On the larger one, he had a long sleeve t shirt that matched the legs, so we just stuffed his sleeves.

    I used thin sheets of styrofoam and glued fabric with fabric glue (big bottle-Joanne’s again) Staple on back of each piece and glue. The brown Belt piece takes the most stress. Cut it from 2″ styrofoam and i recommend you wrap entirely in fibreglass cloth and coat during Helmet-jetpack-legs treatment. Also strengthen the top piece with the neck hole as it will not hold up. Use big tie wraps and fabric glue to secure the body together and tie wraps for the backpack.(IMG_0447)

    Styrofoam (Home Depot) 1 4 X 8 ; 2″ thick, 1 4 X 8 1″ thick
    pins for sewing
    foam rubber
    sewing machine recommended
    fabric glue
    Big bottle of Elmer’s carpenter glue
    Staple Gun
    Jigsaw blade with short and log blades
    sander ( I used B & D mouse sander)
    Dremel tool for detail
    Duct tape (of course!)
    Aqua Resin L and C3 , cloth (call them) (this is a must)
    Spray Paint & Primer

    good luck!

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  6. Mike says:

    This site was my inspiration for building a Lego C-3PO costume for my son, which is made from polyurethane foam for better mobility. It’s currently listed for sale at

  7. manny says:

    Mike, that’s really cool! Thanks for sharing.

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