The Guild Cosplay at Fan Expo 2009

The Guild Codex Cosplay

Nice Codex costume! This cosplayer was spotted at the recent Fan Expo in Toronto. She did a great job.

Here’s a photo of Felicia Day as Codex, for comparison.


If you missed the big debut of “Date My Avatar” last week, I’ve posted it below. But first, check out the exciting reaction from fans at Comic Con, who got to see the video before anyone else. This would have been such a fun panel to attend!

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5 Responses to The Guild Cosplay at Fan Expo 2009

  1. Laura E. says:

    Not bad! Kind of makes me want to make my own… I *am* about to move to Cincinnati, home of the superheroes, so I should make *something*!

  2. C. Sylvester says:

    best costume ever <3 <3 <3

  3. Stef says:

    you look very cute!

  4. Missy says:

    I started gathering supplies to do this but have decided I can’t make it work for my figure. But Don’t want it to go to waste. Have a lover cream & gold dress will fit size 4x – 6x probably red bustier corset, as well as ruby gems in various sizes, gold ribbon, red and cream material that match the dress and corset. Also a grommet/eyelet kit with tools for the bracers. If anyone is interested email me, would rather find someone else who would like to use the items then try to return it all to various stores I got it all at.

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