Star Wars Jedi Song

Are you in the mood for a punk-ish Jedi song? Of course you are!

The Cartoon Network made this music video to get folks excited for the upcoming season of The Clone Wars. I love the lightsaber guitar, it takes slasher to a whole new level.

Jedi Song


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5 Responses to Star Wars Jedi Song

  1. Hah, that was brilliant. Catchy song, good costume and good editing. I’m all looking forward to season 3.

  2. Hellwolve says:

    Surprisingly good 😀
    Now, to find the .mp3…

  3. tenchimyo says:

    actually its more of a punk song than a metal song…

    I like his energy and some of the lyrics.

    But overall its a bit eh

  4. manny says:

    @tenchimyo – you’re totally right, what was I thinking? Changed to punk.

  5. Bobbi Helmicik says:

    I am so serious about finding a star trek outfit for my dachshund, any help would be awesome. Thank You

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