Fin-tastic Mermaid Tails


So you just went for a swim at the community pull where you could have sworn you saw a mermaid.

No, you don’t have a case of the mad-fin flu. The truth is, you just might start seeing more and more mermaids in pools now that the company Mermagica manufactures beautiful custom mermaid tails. The tails come in a variety of colors and are made in child and adult sizes (although you might feel like you’ve just swallowed a shark whole when you see the prices).

If I thought for one minute that that I could actually maneuver such a magnificent appendage, I might slip into a tail of my own. But I have no desire to die a watery death and I doubt anyone wants to see a mermaid with muffin top. Needless to say, my adventures in the mystical, magical mermaid world will stay firmly planted in books and movies.

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  1. You could easily make your own mermaid Tail for much cheaper… the big expense on the tails is (as always) The Monofin.

    Tailmakers often buy theirs from Vendors re-selling the popular Finis monofins online, so the cheapest $25 Kids fin becomes a $50 fin, then becomes a $100 fin as sellers try to recoup shipping costs. Tail “skins” (sold without Fins) are often much cheaper.

    As for drowning, The Dolphin Kick is easy to learn and much more faster and efficient underwater. Start out practising in a  pool that you can easily stand in with your new monofin then go to deeper pools once you are comfortable.

    Once you have mastered the movement (from your Shoulders) you will find that any fat on your belly gradually disappears. This is because the Dolphin Kick works all the “core” muscles, especially in the belly. It also helps that swimming One Kilometer is the same as Running Five.

    I have gone down two Dress sizes (From 12 to 8) since I started Mermaiding.  I was shocked because I always have a cup of hot chips afterwards. (chlorinated pools give me salt cravings)

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