Superhero Body Paint

Batman Body Paint

Some very talented artists have created a gallery of superheroes using body paint. This is really cool! The level of detail is incredible, absolute perfection.

View the whole Superhero Body Paint gallery on Flickr.

Spider-Man Body PaintIncredible Hulk Body Paint

Sue Storm Body PaintWonder Woman Body Paint

Superman Body Paint

[via Razz Mons & Flickr]

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3 Responses to Superhero Body Paint

  1. David says:

    Wow, this is some amazing stuff. Brings a whole new Halloween dress up approach. I love the looks of the completed painted individuals. The final product seems to give more attributes to the individual who goes this rout, It would be very hard to find costumes that fit this type of professionalism. Fantastic post. Will have to look into this before Halloween. It just might be the route I go.

  2. Zorina says:

    goes to show you that comic artists really do paint those uniforms on.

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