The Twilight fandemonium may be skeptical about Yen Press’s announcement that it plans to publish a manga-style series of novels addapted from Stephanie Meyer’s “Twilight” books. But apparently, the author has given the project her blessing and she is reviewing each page (I think the sketches of Edward and Bella [above] actually look pretty good).


Meyer, herself, is headed for the comic books. Bluewater Productions will feature the “Twilight” author in the publisher’s next “Female Force” standalone bio comic. “Female Force” honors women of accomplishment in society and pop culture. Meyer’s issue will be released in a standard 22-page edition as well as a 40-page collector’s item with bonus material.

What do you think, Twilight fans, are you ready to cross over to the Manga side? Will you read “Twilight” comics with as much relish as Meyer’s original books?

[via Comics Alliance]

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  1. lovecrap says:

    I think Meyer is the Britney Spears of the book world. She has little tallent, looks pretty, is very successful, and completely sucks.
    The general public is stupid. Sorry, if you are one of them.

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