A Look into the World of Furries

Want to learn more about Furries? This is a great video, sent in by an anoymous tipster who asked MyDisguises to give more attention to Furries. I’m happy to oblige.

A Look into the World of FurriesA Look into the World of Furries

So… does anyone want to talk about Furries? Share some stories or further insight into this culture?

I can see how people could think it’s… a bit odd. But I like the idea of being true to yourself and finding others with the same interests. It’s far too easy to go through life being fake and pretending to be normal.

I have to hand it to the folks who can embrace their inner strangeness and have fun at the same time. And come on – going to a party where everyone is wearing animal costumes sounds fun, right?


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13 Responses to A Look into the World of Furries

  1. I’m fascinated with furries.
    The true ones are so passionate about it. It’s almost like transgendered people, they feel trapped in their own body. They feel happier as someone, or something else.

    I watched the lion guy on Youtube. He’s very talented.

    I wouldn’t mind a leopard costume myself, but I think that’s just because I love costumes…Well obviously, that’s why I’m here!

  2. manny says:

    Hi Courtney! Great thoughts, that’s a very interesting perspective. I think you’d make a great leopard! What would I be? Hmm, maybe a penguin or a bear. I think I’m leaning towars penguin, that would be awesome.

  3. Dr. Meow says:

    I love it! Thanks for the great post Manny. You are such an open minded positive soul. I can just tell from your blog. Meow! I am a very much part of the world of furries…in a costume that is more real than the one I was born into. Meow! I wish the rest of the animal kingdom was more like you Manny. I constantly live in a reality where people oggle and sometimes bark like dogs. You might have guessed, but I am a furrrrrry cat. Not a lion, panther, cheetah, or even a bobcat. I am a house cat, a tabby, and I’m O.K. with it. My only complaint is that girl cats at parties seem to want to wander into other species territory. Meow!

  4. Be penguin and then you can slide on your belly!

  5. Jennifer says:

    i think manny is a furry already.

    there will never be a furry president. in fact, furries wouldn’t dream of it because their social group consists of wolves and tigers. furries pervert everything you’ve ever loved in your childhood just so they have something to “yiff” to. these are my thoughts. from a normal human being.

  6. Furrr burger says:

    MMM….all that furry talki is so exciting. I look at my mastiff each day and wish I could be in his skin. I think if I was a cat he would stalk me. That would be cool.

  7. Fivel says:

    that video had to be a buging joke. This is making furries look like buging freaks LOL but then again, they are freaks. but seriously, why don’t they ever interview “normal”, functioning people in the fandom?? why only the fat batshit insane people.

  8. ollie says:

    does any 1 know where i can get a good wolf costume
    love this page

  9. Slayed says:

    Dude, whoever made this thing is amazing. I seriously want to go to the tatoo parlour at this moment and get a full body tattoo of dragon scales and not give a F*** about what ‘normal’ people think!

    And just look at all the big names today that are furries! Take Kanye West for example, he’s a bear! Sometimes he even has himself in his fursuit posing for his album covers!

    This video are actually just average furries that are above the age of dealing with peoples shit (unlike me, I’m only 15) and standing up for themselves! Hell, I might be just a kid, but I can’t wait to get my own tail!

    Thank you Manny, I love this! While I do see why some people can see these guys as ‘freaks’ and I am toatllay agianst that notion, it doesn’t take away a scrap of the fact that they are normal. People today that frown upon this kind of thing are stupid, repressing what they like and feel!

    And the thing I loved most about this… ‘Everyone in the world roleplays everyday’

    …True that my man, true that…

    -May the winds give you life and carry you forward, Slayed the dragon

  10. curious says:

    Where would one find a furries party or gathering???

  11. Sam says:

    Ahahahahahaha! The lion guy looks normal…even talented! But the rest…learn to function in the real world…make human friends, work, socialize as a human!!!! And the girl looks like she can’t get a guy do she tried to disguise herself to feel better. You all need major therapy

  12. Bubblydeath says:

    If anyone can get me a link to a Full body furry wolf costume that is realistic I would be sooooo grateful! Any help welcome 😀

  13. Penislove24 says:

    i love this video it really helped me out and makes me hornay !

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