The Rorschach Controversy

The Rorschach Controversy

Here’s is an interesting bit of news. The scientific community is buzzing about the psychological inkblot test known as the Rorschach test. Many psychologists are angry because Wikipedia has published the Rorschach images, and they claim Wikipedia has ruined the test by giving patients the answers.

The Rorschach Controversy If you’ve never seen the movie Watchmen, one of the superheroes is named Rorschach, and he wears a mask with inkblots that constantly shift into patterns resembling the real Rorschach test.

During a scene in the movie, a psychologist shows Rorschach these images, but Rorschach knows how to answer.

Doctor: “Tell me what you see.”
Rorschach: “A pretty butterfly.”
Doctor: “What about now? What do you see here?”
Rorschach: “Some nice flowers.”

The Rorschach ControversyThe Rorschach Controversy

I guess I’m kind of wondering what’s the big deal. The Rorschach test is almost 100 years old, and the images are in the public domain. A group of psychologists are taking legal action against Wikipedia, but I don’t think the doctors stand a chance.

What do you think? Should Wikipedia take down their Rorschach entry? Feel free to comment below.

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In related news, here’s an awesome tutorial on how to make a moving Rorschach mask by the special effects gurus at Indy Mogul.

I think I’ll conduct an experiment of my own. Stare at this for a while, and tell me what you see….

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  1. Shrunkenhead says:

    The controversy can only get worse. Now the test is available on facebook. See:

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