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Recently I posted about some clever advertising targeting using real products to market to a popular, albeit fictional, target audience…vampires. But today I want to highlight actual products inspired by the vampire culture craze.

Let’s start with Tru Blood. It’s now more than a fictional, plasma infused beverage for vampires, inspired by HBO’s sexy vampire series, “True Blood.” The drink, announced at the San Diego Comic Con forum, should be in stores by September 10th in time for the last episode of season two.

The Tru Blood web site describes the beverage as a “uniquely carbonated, slightly tart, lightly sweet blood orange drink.”

Reviews of the beverage are positive. The folks at NBC News sucked down some of the liquid and had this to say…”Sinfully delicious,” “Fruity and sweet, with a nice fizzy bite at the end”.

At $4.00 a bottle, it had better have a sinfully delicious bite cuz I can only afford to try it once. Regardless, it will make a cool collector’s item.

Next on my list is vampire inspired décor. These rooms are tasteful and lush and might well induce vampire activity. You can almost envision your favorite “Twilight” or “True Blood” vampire lounging around in one of these darkly attractive rooms pointing his come hither finger at you (and on that note…I think I better phone home and have my husband buy some red paint and bed covers):



Ah, and let’s not forget novelty décor…a blood oozing lamp, bloody footprint carpet and a blood bath shower curtain, all freaky enough to scare the kids but cool enough that you’d still want to put it in your house for a while…at least until the first nightmare:




I can’t wait to see what other vampire related products are rolled out in the near future…a genetically engineered Bill Compton wouldn’t disappoint me.

[via Trend Hunter and Pop Awesome]

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  1. Haddin says:

    Very pretty! I love this creative idea. 🙂

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