From Aliens to Antiques: Huge Prop Auction Scheduled


If you’re an amateur film maker, want to start your own prop business or simply want to get your hands on some really cool props, now’s your chance.

20th century props, the largest prop house under one roof, is closing its doors after 40 years of business. Founder and owner Harvey Schwartz made the decision to close the company after suffering 12 consecutive months of losses arising from the recession as well as the Screen Actors Guild labor dispute.

You’re sure to find lots of treasures among the warehouse’s 200,000 square feet of over 91,000 pieces.

A public auction will be held on-site and by webcast from July 28-Aug. 1, starting at 9:30 a.m. each day.

So get your wallets out and start bidding on everything from aliens to antiques…here’s a cool video of some of the great items up for grabs. I think I want the Austen Powers escape pod, for starters.

[via Original Prop Blog]

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