Vampire Advertising doesn’t Suck


These days, one of the hottest genres in the media world is the living dead…with vampire themed movies, fan clubs, and paranormal romance literature. Ladies around the world, from tweens to grandmas, are obsessed with bloodsuckers.

Savvy advertisers have tapped into this obsession with clever faux advertisements targeting vampire consumers.

Check out this cool Mazda ad:

A new Gillette billboard in association with HBO’s popular series True Blood sports a vampire hunk caressing his cleanly shaven face next to the phrase “Dead Sexy.”


In another ad, also in association with HBO for Marc Ecko cologne, a male vampire nibbles at a naked woman’s neck with the tag line “Attract a Human”.


They’re stunt campaigns, I know…but they’re effective, seamlessly blending reality and fiction to captivate the imagination of vampire fans (like me) and cement the living dead’s place in popular culture.

By the way, does anyone know how I can get in touch with the vampire in the “Attract a Human” billboard?

[via Communication Arts]

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