That Bloomin’ Superhero


Typically, most people don’t think of shrubs as likely superheroes. But in Britain, a horticultural super-hero is on a mission to root out evil weeds, replace them with flowers and get the town center of Colchester blooming again.

In the tradition of other superheroes like Batman, Superman and Spiderman, the Shrub has a secret identity, a unique costume and an arch enemy.

The Human Shrub first came on the scene when the local council announced plans to rid the city of flower beds in order to save money. After a protest lead to a dead end with city authorities, the Shrub began replacing the weeds in overgrown planters with colourful flowers.


The Colchester councillor remarked that the Shrub was “amusing at first” but is now “misguided” because the overgrown tubs are due to be replanted next month anyway.

But supporters continue to leave messages of appreciation on the Shrub’s Facebook page referring to him as “an idol”, “a star” and urging him to “keep up the good work”.


[via Sky News]

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