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Paper Fanime Costume


Fanime Con just wrapped up on Memorial Day weekend (May 22 through May 25). It’s the largest anime convention in Northern California, with over 10,000 attendees who enjoy the world of Japanese animation and related arts.

Fanime offers live concerts, engaging panels, competitions, video screenings of anime and Asian cinema, plus guests of honor from around the world. Oh, and plenty of costumed characters, of course.

The Naruto Konan-inspired costume above is rather impressive as it’s made almost entirely of paper, from the wings and coat to the paper rose in the young lady’s hair. It’s a fitting tribute to the female ninja (Konan) of the Akatsuki who can create ninjutsu out of paper.

Well done!

[via Manga.About.Com]

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ThatCostumeGirl Goes to Ren Faire

ThatCostumeGirl Goes to Renfaire

I’m totally jealous of ThatCostumeGirl. She got to go to a renaissance fair and hang out with Cedric from the Bedlam Bards.

Doesn’t she look great? She mentioned that she’ll have more photos of the fair, maybe even video, later this week.

If you haven’t heard of the Bedlam Bards before, you are really missing out! They play Renfolk Music, which is a “unique blend of Celtic, English, Scandinavian, and American folk music mixed in with period tunes from the Renaissance and Middle Ages.” Awesome stuff.

Here’s a clip of Cedrick singing a song called Hush Little Citizen.

Be sure to keep your eyes on ThatCostumeGirl’s blog for more renaissance costume goodness later this week!

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Zombie Babe of the Day

Zombie Babe of the Day

Wow, for a zombie, she’s totally hot! I think I’d let her bite me.

Thanks to LostZombies on Twitter for the tip.

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SNL’s Greatest Superhero Moments

This is a FANTASTIC clip of Saturday Night Live back in 1979. In a tribute to superheroes, they have Bill Murray as Superman, Dan Akroyd as the Flash, and John Belushi steals the show as the Hulk. Man, SNL was really good back then. has a great article on their blog, featuring SNL’s greatest and goofiest Marvel moments.

“Ant Man, huh? Where are your ants?”

I love it! SNL sure has given us good laughs over the years. Thanks to Marvel for bringing back some great memories!


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Captain Picard Sings the Alphabet

Captain Picard sings an alphabet song!

Here’s Patrick Stewart at his best – paying tribute to Gene Roddenberry with a song. This video appeared on the Star Trek TNG season 5 DVDs as a special feature.

Thanks to Bonniegrrl for the tip!

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Bloody Costumes to Protest Bullfighting

Bloody Costumes to Protest Bullfighting

This picture is very strange.

Last Sunday in Madrid, over 300 demonstrators protested bullfighting by wearing fake blood and playing dead at the Plaza de Toros de Las Ventas.

I’m not sure how the protest ended, but they DEFINITELY should have slowly risen and performed the Thriller dance, that would have been perfect.

[via Gawker]

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Instant Villain Disguise Kit

Instant Villain Disguise Kit

LOL, this Instant Villain Disguise Kit cracks me up! It’s so bad, yet so cool. And instant.

Because everyone knows that the biggest problem facing villains today is the excrutiating amount of time it takes to get into costume. Well not any more!

Instant Villain Disguise Kit

[via Buzznewsroom & Newbury Comics]

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Buffy Movie in Development

One of the more odd stories buzzing around the Internet today is that a Buffy the Vampire Slayer movie is in the works – but without the creator, Joss Whedon, or star Sarah Michelle Gellar – or any of the supporting characters that made the 7-season TV show so popular.

I’m disappointed to hear this. They simply can’t make Buffy without Joss. Say it isn’t so!

[via The Hollywood Reporter]

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