Greece “Nun” too Thrilled with Costume Antics


Soccer fans have a reputation for fighting.

Soccer players on the other hand…well, let’s just say that there’s at least one group of football players who now have a reputation for being very cheeky.

Seventeen current and former members of the Bristol Hanham Athletic League were arrested last Saturday Night in the Greek town of Malia for wearing naughty nun costumes.

A police source quoted in a UPI article alleged that the players wore thongs under their skirts and were showing off their backsides. The official charges against the group were “causing a scandal by provocative acts and misrepresenting a uniform.”

The cheeky group, aged 18 to 65, spent 48 hours in a jail cell not fit for barely clad “nuns,” or anyone else. But on Monday morning, the court dropped the charges because no witnesses showed up to complain against them.

This wasn’t the first time the soccer players have engaged in costumed antics. In the past, they’ve dressed up as St. Trinian’s schoolgirls in Portugal and babies in Cyprus without encountering any trouble. But the town of Malia, located in a predominately Greek Orthodox country, was having “nun” of it!

[via SkyNews]

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