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Jedi Police are Real in Scotland

Jedi Police are Real in Scotland

Eight officers in Scotland’s largest police force have come forward to claim that their official religion is “Jedi” and they actually use the force to fight crime.

Officer Pam Fleming recently admitted that she uses “Jedi mind tricks during interviews, but only to get the truth,” but “doesn’t use the force to influence what the suspects say.”

Well, that’s a relief. With great Jedi powers comes great responsibility, it’s so easy to turn to the dark side of the Force. Let’s hope they can resist temptation!

[via BBC NEWS & KUTV] Thanks to Jeff for the tip!

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Green Wedding in Shrek Costumes

Wedding in Shrek Costumes

This is a great costume story – a couple in the UK recently got a married in Shrek costumes, to become Mr. and Mrs. Green! LOL, that is so awesome.

Christine England married Keith Green after spending three hours putting on the makeup. Many of their guests wore cosutmes, too. The couple hired a professional makeup artist, and they went all out with full wigs and costumes.

“Every girl wants a fairytale wedding and I got one – with a bit of a twist. It was a real laugh,” said the new Mrs. Green.

I love it!

[via TheSun] Thanks to Peggy Wong for the tip!

Wedding in Shrek Costumes

Wedding in Shrek Costumes

Wedding in Shrek Costumes

Wedding in Shrek Costumes

Wedding in Shrek Costumes

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Top 10 Disguises Worn by Adam Baldwin on Chuck

Adam Baldwin on Chuck

The second season of Chuck is just about over. In preparation of Monday night’s season finale, I want to celebrate with a special tribute to Adam Baldwin, my favorite actor on the show.

Adam Baldwin plays an hilariously ill-tempered NSA agent named John Casey. Casey’s job is to get Chuck in and out of trouble as the government uses Chuck for the secret intel in his brain. When Chuck goes on a mission, they frequently show John Casey in some silly disguise as he keeps an eye on Chuck.

I thought it would be fun to take a look at the best disguises worn by Adam Baldwin during the last two seasons of Chuck! He’s had to do so many funny things. If we see a good disguise during the finale, I’ll be sure to add it to this list. I should probably mention that I didn’t include the green Buy More shirt (shown above) in the list, since he wears that in almost every episode. So, without further ado…

The Top 10 Disguises Worn by Adam Baldwin on Chuck


#10 – Business Man (Ep. 215: Chuck Versus the Beefcake)

Business Man

Here’s Adam Baldwin dressed up as a businessman. Admittedly, not much of a costume, but I do love his disguise: A coffee latte! LOL, without that he would totally get noticed. It’s all about your environment.

Video Clip:


#9 – Cable Guy (Ep. 213: Chuck Versus the Suburbs)

Cable Guy

When Chuck goes on a mission into the suburbs, Adam Baldwin lurks around as the local cable guy. A perfect cover! I love how he pops out the window and interrupts them. Chuck always seems so surprised when Casey shows up. Funny stuff!

Video Clip:


#8 – Hospital Orderly (Ep. 213: Chuck Versus the Broken Heart)

Hospital Orderly

Adam Baldwin would make a great hospital orderly. He mops the floor like a pro! So funny how Casey takes one for the team when the nurse says, “Room 806 didn’t make it to the toilet – ya mind?”

Heh, what’s a spy to do?

Video Clip:


#7 – Bartender (Ep. 103: Chuck Versus the Tango)


Adam Baldwin plays a bartender or waiter in several episodes. I chose this particular disguise because of the fun banter between Chuck and Casey. Once again, Chuck is surprised by Casey’s cover, but manages to maintain composure. “Uh, yeah. I’d like a martini, Barkeep – Shaken AND stirred.” And I love the look on Chuck’s face when Casey replies, “Would you like a cherry with that?” LOL!

Video Clip:


#6 – Plumber (Ep. 217: Chuck Versus the Predator)


Coming in at #6 we have Adam Baldwin as a plumber. He’s wearing a simple dirty jumpsuit, and the expression on his face is priceless.

And what’s in the bag he’s holding? Eww, we’re probably better off not knowing. I like how he calls his team a “bunch of nancies” when they complain about their filthy disguises.

Video Clip:


#5 – Martial Arts Student (Ep. 209: Chuck Versus the Sensei)

Martial Arts Student

Adam Balwin looks pretty awesome in this wig and groovy goatee. And while technically this isn’t a disguise for John Casey, but rather a flashback to his early years as a Chuck Norris look-alike, I still rank this outfit as a solid #5 for Adam Baldwin.

Video Clip:


#4 – Nerd (Ep. 219: Chuck Versus the Dream Job)


Ah, here we have the classic nerd disguise, and Adam Baldwin wears it well. With a plaid shirt and nerdy glasses (the straps are a nice touch), he fits right in with the computer expo crowd. I love how Chuck doesn’t notice them at first and has to do a double take (very well played by Zachary Levi).

Video Clip:


#3 – Bellhop (Ep. 207: Chuck Versus the Fat Lady)


LOL, this is one mean-looking bellhop. Poor Adam Baldwin! This disguise totally cracked me up.

I guess I should do research on fancy hotel traditions, but seriously – What’s with the outfit? And the hat?! It seems cruel to make bellhops dress this way.

Video Clip:


#2 – DJ (Ep. 204: Chuck Versus the Cougars)


Costume or no costume, this scene of Adam Baldwin as a DJ proves his character is the ultimate master of disguise. With just a microphone and his charisma, John Casey owns the place. I love the look on Chuck and Sarah’s faces as they watch him rock the house.

Since he’s not wearing much of a costume, I couldn’t give it number one. But it goes to show: The disguise doesn’t make you. YOU make the disguise.

Video Clip:


#1 – Maître d’ (Ep. 206: Chuck Versus the Ex)

Maître d

Coming in at a solid #1 we have Adam Baldwin as a maître d’. He looks so funny in this wig, and the soul patch under his lip is a nice finishing touch. I remember bursting out laughing when I first saw this disguise.

I love how Chuck hands Casey a dollar and pats him on the cheek, saying, “Thank you, Jonathon.” Heh, you just know John Casey is steaming inside. Adam Baldwin and Zachary Levi really play off each other quite well.

Video Clip:


Honorable Mentions (in no particular order)

Chauffeur (Ep. 104: Chuck Versus the Wookiee)

Doctor (Ep. 108: Chuck Versus the Truth)


Nerd Herd (Ep. 205: Chuck Versus Tom Sawyer)


Masseur (Ep. 208: Chuck Versus the Gravitron)


Waiter (Ep. 204: Chuck Versus the Cougars)


Casino Dealer (Ep. 111: Chuck Versus the Crown Vic)


Scientist (Ep. 209: Chuck Versus the Sensei)

Tune in for the exciting season finale of Chuck on Monday night! And keep your fingers crossed for a third season – NBC should be announcing their decision soon. This show really needs to stay on the air, for more Adam Baldwin disguises, if nothing else. *fingers crossed*

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First Look at Illidan Mask from World of Warcraft

Illidan Mask

Check out this amazing new Deluxe Illidan Mask!

This photo didn’t exist anywhere on the Internet until late yesterday, when Costume Craze got their hands on the photo and posted it on their blog.

Wow, that’s quite a mask. And for $120 bucks, it better be!

For those of you not familiar with World of Warcraft, Illidan is a demon/Night elf hybrid Boss known as Lord of Outland and Master of the Black Temple. The good news is he CAN be killed if you know what you’re doing.

Well I’m very impressed! It’s worth mentioning that Costume Craze has a whole slew of video game character costumes that look awesome. They have a ton of Warcraft and Halo costumes, as well as Darkwatch and Mario Brothers. Fun stuff!

[via Costume Craze]

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Crazy Costume Shop Owner Arrested for Stalking

Wow, this video is incredibly bizarre and rather hilarious. A Rhode Island costume shop owner was arrested for cyberstalking one of her business competitors. When the local news comes to interview her, she puts on multiple layers of costumes and acts all crazy.

LOL, that poor reporter! It turns out that she invited the news to come to her shop, so she could tell her side of the story. But she totally ambushed the interview by dancing around and talking in a silly voice.

Apparently, the accused stalker used the computer at a local library to sign her competitor up for multiple insurance and financial services which resulted in a vast flood of calls jamming her competitor’s business phone lines.

The news ran a follow up segment a few days later that provides more information. What a crazy story!

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Wonder Woman Costume Pattern

Wonder Woman Costume Pattern

I was poking around on Etsy and stumbled onto this lovely Wonder Woman bodysuit pattern. The seller, chriswass, is only asking $7.00 for this beautiful design.

From the description:

Fitted knit bodysuit styled to look like the famous Wonder Woman character. This listing is for the pattern, delivered in spreadsheet format to create a pattern customized for your measurements! Plug in your measurements at the top of the spreadsheet, and a customized pattern is generated for a perfect fit for you.

Also included in this pattern are the star and eagle motifs (knit and applied as appliques) to detail the bodysuit. Head and wristbands not included with this version of the pattern. Skills needed: knit in the round, increase/decrease, short rows, light sewing.

I love the spreadsheet idea. Simply plug in your measurements and instantly get the perfect sized pattern. That’s a really smart way of doing business. Very cool!

[via Etsy]

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The Flash Sings Hip-Hoppin’ Rap in Costume

Heh, this is a pretty entertaining Flash music video. Looks like it was a blast to make. Wally West sings about riding his bike, being unpopular in school, and life in general. LOL, I think my favorite part is when the Flash gets owned by Harry Potter. Great job!

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How to Make Big Anime Eyes

Anime Eyes

Here’s an interesting tutorial that shows you how to make really big, somewhat creepy anime eyes.

Pretty cool!

Have you ever wondered why Anime characters have such big eyes? According to SparkPlugged, it’s because they wear contact lenses. LOL, okay….

Big Anime Eyes

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