Firefly Costumes & Props Archive

Firefly Costumes & Props Archive

A Firefly Archive has been recently put online. Very, very cool! It includes actual props and costumes that were used in the filming of the 2002 TV series, Firefly.

The owner of the site is a rabid collector and it’s really nice that he put his collection online for fans. He has Mal’s original browncoat, along with lots of weapons and set props – many are actual antiques from the early 1900’s.

Check it out at the Firefly Archive!

Firefly Costumes & Props ArchiveFirefly Costumes & Props ArchiveFirefly Costumes & Props Archive

Never seen Firefly before? You’re really missing out! The entire series is available on for free!

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  1. maggi crowston-boaler says:

    I’ve never seen the series, ‘Fireflies, and only yesterday watched, “Serenity,’ for the first time.
    Hubby & I have been invited to a Serenity/Fireflies costume party in August and I’m trying to find a suitable outfit.
    I really fancy the long skirt and bra top, but would welcome suggestions.
    I’m 54 yrs old, 5’4” in height, very slim, and use a walking stick.

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