Wonder Woman Costume Pattern

Wonder Woman Costume Pattern

I was poking around on Etsy and stumbled onto this lovely Wonder Woman bodysuit pattern. The seller, chriswass, is only asking $7.00 for this beautiful design.

From the description:

Fitted knit bodysuit styled to look like the famous Wonder Woman character. This listing is for the pattern, delivered in spreadsheet format to create a pattern customized for your measurements! Plug in your measurements at the top of the spreadsheet, and a customized pattern is generated for a perfect fit for you.

Also included in this pattern are the star and eagle motifs (knit and applied as appliques) to detail the bodysuit. Head and wristbands not included with this version of the pattern. Skills needed: knit in the round, increase/decrease, short rows, light sewing.

I love the spreadsheet idea. Simply plug in your measurements and instantly get the perfect sized pattern. That’s a really smart way of doing business. Very cool!

[via Etsy]

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6 Responses to Wonder Woman Costume Pattern

  1. It’s a great idea.

  2. mojopotato says:

    Looking at the description, I think this is a knitting pattern. Any idea where one could find a similiar pattern for sewing?

  3. I make the costume for anyone! Please see site….

  4. Robert K. Tompsett says:

    I want one!

  5. Luisa Aguila says:

    How much and what sute wheres the link.

  6. Love this, very impressed. Very sophisticated knitting.

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