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Shoes that Grow with Kids’ Feet!

German scientists have a created a shoe for children that can grow with their feet! Parents around the world can celebrate at this astonishing news.

According to Reuters, “A research team at Potsdam University spent two years testing children’s walking movements. They’ve come up with a shoe that fits perfectly from the moment you buy it, and expands by up to two centimeters as kids’ feet grow.”

This “growing” shoe will go to market in the fall of ’09, perhaps eliminating the need for parents to make frequent trips to the shoe store.

Well done, German Scientists! Now if we can talk about my growing waistline for a minute….

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Hilarious Wrestling Costumes

This video is hilarious! Those pro wrestlers sure know how to dress in costume. But best of all – meet… The Shockmaster!

Yes, his costume consists of a stormtrooper helmet painted in silver glitter. Awesome!

But what’s even better is his big entrance. He trips and falls as he breaks through the wall, knocking his helmet clean off. Very intimidating. But, of course, none of the wrestlers laugh, they just start shouting at each other about who is toughest.


[via MyBlogRules]

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Cool Jedi Persuasion Trick

What does an old Jedi do when his Force has lost its fizz? This video reveals an amazing backup weapon:

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again…never under estimate the persuasive power of strategic flatulence.

You’re the Master, Obi Wan!

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Where the Wild Things Are

The trailer for Where the Wild Things Are has just been released! This looks really fun. The costumes look spot on as I remember them from book.

We have a while to wait for this movie, however, as it’s scheduled for release on Oct. 16, 2009. Just in time for Halloween!

I can’t wait to see this movie. There’s absolutely no doubt it will rule the box office on opening weekend.

It doesn’t look like anyone has picked up a commerical license for the costumes this year (if I’m wrong, please feel free to correct me).

However, I did find a sweet collection of homemade “Wildthings” costumes on Very cool!

Where the Wild Things Are

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Fireman Dresses as Spider-Man to Save Autistic Child

Spider-Man Rescue

This is one of the best news stories I think I’ve ever heard.

This week in Bangkok, a Thai fireman rescued an eight-year-old boy from a balcony by dressing as Spider-Man. The boy is autistic and was too frightened to listen to anyone and come inside.

The boy’s mother mentioned his love of superheroes, so the clever fireman put on a costume and established a connection with the frightened child.

“I told him Spider-Man is here to rescue you, no monsters are going to attack you and I told him to walk slowly towards me as running could be dangerous,” the fireman said.

So where did the fireman get the costume? Well, apparently the firemen keep costumes on hand “to liven up school fire drills.”

That is just so awesome. Way to go!

[via Yahoo News]

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Mortal Kombat: Frost Costume

Mortal Kombat: Frost Costume

Mortal Kombat: Frost CostumeMortal Kombat: Frost Costume

Mortal Kombat: Frost Wow, this is quite a costume! This is model Marie-Claude Bourbonnais and she’s cosplaying Frost from the Mortal Kombat game.

In the game, Frost is an arrogant prodigy of Sub-Zero, and she can control ice and cold as she battles.

Her finishing move is a Deep Freeze Kick – no, I wouldn’t want to meet her in a dark alley. Or anywhere, really. Though she is quite sexy.

[via Topless Robot]


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Rabbits in Costumes

Rabbits in Costumes

Aww, look at the cute little wabbit! These pictures are from last week’s Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo.

One of the events is a Rabbit and Cavy show that offers a prize for best costume.

And while rabbit costumes are fairly commonplace, it’s not very often that we see rabbits wearing costumes.

Rabbits in CostumesRabbits in Costumes

Rabbits in Costumes

Rabbits in Costumes

Rabbits in Costumes


Adorable, indeed!

These pictures made me want to hunt around Youtube for a video of another rabbit well known for his costumes. This cracks me up.

“Pardon me, wrong costume!” LOL!

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Star Wars Meets Da Vinci


What do you get when you mix classical works of art with Star Wars characters? A dang interesting version of Da Vinci’s painting, The Last Supper, that’s what.

These pictures are part of a Photoshop contest sponsored by




Maybe people would make more frequent trips to the museum if there were Star Wars paintings on display. It would certainly make for an interesting art history report, don’t you think?

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