Star Trek’s New Orion Slave Girl Costume

Orion Slave Girl has a photo of an Orion slave girl from the upcoming Star Trek movie. This photo was revealed during a promotion for the new Star Trek trading card set, and the picture is quickly making its way around the Internet as fanboys type with fervent glee.

Actress Diora Baird will be wearing the green paint in this movie, and I must say she is a fine choice for casting.

Diora Baird

The exotic, green ladies from Star Trek have long been a popular costume worn by fans at sci fi events and cons, and it wasn’t hard to find several cosplay photos on Flickr.

Orion Slave Girl CostumeOrion Slave Girl Costume

Orion Slave Girl CostumeOrion Slave Girl Costume

Awesome costume pics!

I’d say Capt. Kirk is going to have his hands full in this movie, since legend has it that “no human male can resist them.” Well, it’s easy to see why.

Although, I have heard an interesting tidbit about new Star Trek movie. While Diora Baird will be playing an Orion woman, rumor has it that she won’t be slave. I wonder if she will be enrolled in the Academy as a student? Maybe the movie will address the history and mythology of Orion, and how they came to be slaves.

Here’s a video of an Orion Slave from the original Star Trek pilot, The Cage. Poor Capt. Pike, he looks distressed. Let’s hope Kirk does a better job of keeping it together in the new movie!

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