RIP Andy Hallett


RIP, Andy Hallett.

Andy Hallett passed away yesterday at the young age of 33 due to his ongoing battle with heart disease. He was best known for his role on Angel as Lorne, the karoeoke singing demon.

This news makes me so very sad. Although I never met Andy Hallett in person, he seemed like a geniunely nice guy and he was a terrific singer.

I LOVED watching Angel, and Lorne was one of my favorite characters. He added a lot of humor and depth to the show, starting out as a recurring guest star, but was so popular that he soon became a main character.

And his costume was AWESOME. Lorne was completely green, with little red horns on his forehead. I wonder how much time it took to put on all the green makeup, every single day.

Andy Hallett, you made the world a better place. You will be missed!

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2 Responses to RIP Andy Hallett

  1. Sherene says:

    This is truly sad news. I was instantly captivated with Lorne’s character and singing voice and he quickly became my favorite reason to watch Angel. Knock ’em dead in heaven, Lorne!

  2. Lorne and Wesley were the reasons to watch Angel. He was fantastic as the heart and wisdom of the team. His last scene broke my heart. Everyone says he was terrific in Amber Benson’s “Chance.” I need to track it down and watch it.

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