Human Slinky Costume Costs a Million Dollars

Human Slinky Costume

Every once in a while, I find a costume story so crazy and insane that it just has to be true. Have no doubt, Gentle Readers, that this is one of those stories.

This incredibe, amazing, and astonishing Human Slinky Costume is for sale on Ebay for ONE MILLION DOLLARS!

Check out the video:

Wow, that is super cool. But a million dollars? Seriously? Okay, maybe this is just a joke, I really don’t know.
Human Slinky Costume Costs a Million Dollars
Since Ebay bid pages come and go, I took a screenshot to preserve this momentous occasion.

Here’s what the description says on Ebay:

You are bidding on the most unique costume ©Veniamin’s Human Slinky around the World! This costume is Patented Award Copyright for Life+Fifty Years of the Author, Oprea Ioan Veniamin®. This bidding is for the © Human Slinky costume and 5 (five) Years permission to perform this act on stage around the World.

So it comes with permission to wear the costume, how generous! I wonder what happens after five years?

If you’re ready to buy, and you’ve pulled out your limitless American Express card, but still have a few lingering doubts — consider this fantastic bonus: It comes with Free Shipping! Wow, talk about great savings!

LOL, I love bizarre costume stories like this one. I’m curious if anyone will buy it. There’s a lot of crazy people in the world, so you just never know.

[via Ebay]

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