Perfect Cosplay

Perfect Cosplay

Does cosplay get any more accurate than this? Wow, perfect cosplay indeed!

This is Rukia Kuchiki, a supernatural Soul Reaper from the anime series Bleach.

UPDATE: It’s been pointed out in the comments that this is NOT perfect cosplay! The photo came first, then was drawn by Speeh on commission. Interesting. Thanks, MY STADY!

Here are a few more Rukia cosplay photos I found searching on Flickr. I’ve never seen this show, but it looks pretty cool!

Rukia Kuchiki Costume

Rukia Kuchiki Costume

Rukia Kuchiki Costume

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13 Responses to Perfect Cosplay

  1. Darmed says:

    The second photo you posted is, I believe, a Hinamori Momo cosplay. It’s from the same Anime though, so you weren’t far off ^^’
    I love the pictures ­čśÇ Thanks for posting!

  2. manny says:

    Thanks, Darmed. Hmm i wonder if I should just delete that image, cuz it’s wrong? I will ponder this…

  3. MY STADY says:

    Sorry to burst your bubble but it looks like the first one is the very common practice of drawing a character to match a gravure photo.

  4. the 2nd rukia says:

    Hi! I’m that second rukia. Thanks for puting me in the list but I hate my hair in that picture. Check pinkskull at

  5. amanda says:

    the second one is momo not rukia

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  7. sandrine says:

    Bonjour je suis ├ętudiante en journalisme et recherche des cosplayers pour une interview. Merci de me contacter par mail ou au 0613281781.

    Sandrine C.

  8. awesome, I really like Bleach!

  9. Kai says:

    in the first one the photo came before the picture …

  10. sayachan says:

    The artist actually drew that picture base on the photo

  11. manny says:

    Thanks, MY STADY! I updated the post. Great find!

  12. MY STADY says:

    My pleasure. :p

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