Hanging Around Stylish Dressers

Luxury Wooden Hangers

We talk a lot about fashion on MyDisguises, but I don’t think we’ve talked about coat hangers before.

If you are a stylish dresser with a closet full of expensive suits – what are you going to hang them on? Wire hangers? No way! You’d go to the Hanger Project and purchase their luxury wooden hangers, of course!

These hangers cost $25 each! Wow. Each hanger is made of premium, contoured maple wood and they come in several sizes for men and women.

Just a little out of my budget, personally, but I guess I can see how they’d be popular with the fashion elite who only want the best for their clothes. Interesting!

Luxury Wooden Hangers

Luxury Wooden Hangers

[via HangerProject.com]

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