CW Sinks Teeth into Another Vampire Series
March 5, 2009 discussion


As a kid, I was obsessed with the paranormal and the supernatural. Early on I developed a special place in my heart (and reserved a special place on my neck) for vampires.

So I don’t have to tell you how disappointed I am when vampire-based TV programs get cancelled. When CBS’s Moonlight came along, I thought, “Finally…another vampire show!” But it was cancelled within a year.


I don’t have cable, so watching HBO’s popular program True Blood isn’t an option for me. But I was excited to learn recently that, according to Variety, the CW has decided to sink it’s teeth into another vampire drama with the TV adaptation of the “Vampire Diaries.”

Originally published in 1993, years before the Twilight book franchise was published (and some argue that this “Vampire Diaries” was the inspiration for Meyer’s “Twilight” series), after the success of the “Twilight” series, HarperCollins re-released the “Diaries” with new covers. Since then, “Diaries” has hit the New York Times Bestseller list, and three more books have been commissioned.

“Diaries” tells the story of a young woman torn between two vampire brothers who are battling for her soul and the souls of her friends, family and small town where they live.

I must admit, I’m curious and, a little anxious. How will “Vampire Diaries” translate to the screen? Can the CW ride the wave of vampire infatuation generated by Meyer? Regardless, my heart has already staked a claim on this newest vampire effort!

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  1. I’d like to see Joss Whedon’s Fray on Showtime. That would be so awesome. I’d actually prefer to see it on HBO but they already have True Blood. I’m a little worried about the quality of CW shows, I’m not really holding my breath for Diaries. But who knows? Maybe it will be good.

  2. i think it will be awesome!! i love the series and it will be so cool to see it come to life. but they better pick great characters for the main rolls cuz i cant deal with the heartache again after twilight came out.

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